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Story Core: Analysis & Application for Education

At the heart of all storytelling and writing is a story core, but how can the concept of a story core improve the quality of education?  Analysis Ohler (2008) introduces the concept of a story core as a “vastly simplified version of the hero’s journey” (p. 72). He identifies the three major components of a… Continue reading Story Core: Analysis & Application for Education

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Labels are Irritating

Anderson (2004) points out that there are proponents and opponents of studying theories in education, and I have to say that this week’s readings have me on the “opponents” side. But, I have to acknowledge the value of viewing my teaching practice through specific lenses in order to understand, evaluate, reflect, and ultimately improve my… Continue reading Labels are Irritating

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Blended Learning: What is it?

Bottom line: education must be meaningful and immediately applicable to real life in order to be authentic. I know that we should hesitate before jumping on bandwagons, but I see blended learning as a necessity, not something that needs to have its "pros and cons" weighed. This is not to say that there aren't significant challenges … there are. I've listed just a tiny sliver of those challenges below.

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A Drive Through Google Drive – PCUS

In order to participate in the training, you will need to identify which session you are attending and click on the correct link below. Once the presentation opens, you will have everything you need, and you can close this window. I hope this training is helpful and that you walk away with at least one… Continue reading A Drive Through Google Drive – PCUS