Innovation Institute 2017

I am presenting four sessions at Pine Crest School’s Innovation Institute, Maker Movement: From Me to We – We Can Change the World! Project-Based Learning Across the Disciplines. Whenever I present, I like to provide my participants with something to take away, so here we go …

Thursday, June 8

Formative Assessment Round-Up: We all know the power of formative assessment for our students, but implementation can be tricky. How can we include formative assessment in an effective way that will add to the quality of our instruction without weighing us down with more paper? In this session, participants will learn about several quick and easy tools for formative assessment that are simple to implement and provide powerful feedback for students.

[ Formative Assessment Round-Up ]

Google Magic Tricks: As an administrator, and as a Google Certified Trainer, I am constantly coming across fun tricks and tools in G Suite that defy categorization. This session is a collection of some of my favorite tricks that always make me think, “Wow, Google is sometimes magical!” Join me to learn some of the magic.

[ Google Magic Tricks ]

Friday, June 9

Boost Your Team’s Efficiency with G Suite Apps: Time is our most valuable and limited resource, so how can we get more of it? By learning how to harness the power of G Suite apps and add-ons, you and your school’s leadership teams will discover new ways to collaborate that will not only save everyone time, but will also improve team dynamics, communication, and work product. You will walk away ready to apply — and share — several productivity tips in your school tomorrow!

[ Boost Your Team’s Efficiency ]

Works in Progress: Our Journey with Digital Portfolios: We will embark on our third phase of our Digital Portfolio Program in the 2017-18 school year. This session provides an overview of how we organized and launched our Digital Portfolio Program. Just as we ask our students to reflect on their growth as learners, this session will include some lessons we have learned as well as some ideas for the future of this program.

[ Works in Progress: Our Journey with Digital Portfolios ]