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Response to ‘Conversations at a Crucial Moment’

I chose an article from one of the National Council for Teachers of English journals, College English, titled “Conversations at a Crucial Moment: Hybrid Courses and the Future of Writing Programs.” For the first few pages the author, Catherine Gouge, builds support for her argument that college writing instructors need to begin considering how to… Continue reading Response to ‘Conversations at a Crucial Moment’

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Labels are Irritating

Anderson (2004) points out that there are proponents and opponents of studying theories in education, and I have to say that this week’s readings have me on the “opponents” side. But, I have to acknowledge the value of viewing my teaching practice through specific lenses in order to understand, evaluate, reflect, and ultimately improve my… Continue reading Labels are Irritating

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Blended Learning: What is it?

Bottom line: education must be meaningful and immediately applicable to real life in order to be authentic. I know that we should hesitate before jumping on bandwagons, but I see blended learning as a necessity, not something that needs to have its "pros and cons" weighed. This is not to say that there aren't significant challenges … there are. I've listed just a tiny sliver of those challenges below.

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Blended Learning Case Study

For one of my current courses at UF, we were asked to analyze and present information about a case study in the blended learning model. I found Dr. McVey's blended learning model for teaching undergraduate research methodology interesting for several reasons, most notably, the fact that blended learning increased student motivation and performance. Research methodology… Continue reading Blended Learning Case Study